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ylq123 Registered: 8/6/2021 7:00:29 AM
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Posted Aug 11 2021 2:08AM 
tobacco aroma is blended with a little your wine aroma, the preferences is comfortable together with smooth, the smoke is enough, and the sturdiness is moderate. There's an easy little odor during the second half, but quite simple affect the complete taste. The appearance within the cigarette is trim and elegant, the size of the cigarette is certainly 97mm, the taste may be very good, and it's high. There are hardly any other problems excepting a little becoming angry after pumping excessively. Personally, this smoke may be very masculine, and it can be a flavor I for example. Its coke material is moderate, it all smells mellow, the natural and innovative mellow taste, the pure tobacco smoking aroma is combined with a little red wine aroma, the quality is comfortable and even smooth, the smoke is enough, and the potency is moderate Newport 100S. You will find a little odor with the second half, but it won't affect the in general smoke is complete with aroma, the sturdiness is moderate, any aftertaste is true, the aftertaste is certainly sweet and longer, and it may be a value-for-money ration ciggie. A classic, it highlights the real nature of any natural mellow, the very first tobacco aroma may be very comfortable, and the strength is only right. It is known as a high-quality conscience ciggie, and many smokers for ex