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Posted Apr 16 2021 2:05AM 
Housed in the central Buddha Hall, the seated Jowo Rinpoche is 1.5 meters high, has a vivid shape and a peaceful expression, holding a bowl in the left hand and putting the right hand on the lap. With a benevolent and silent smile, he seems to be comforting all living beings in gentle words. The Tibetan people set the Buddha shakyamuni statue with many gems, such as turquoise, red coral, pearls, amber, jade beads, etc. The most striking is the three "nine-eye" Dzi beads mounted on the crown. After the largest renovation and expansion in history, in 1409, the founder of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, Tsongkhapa presented the crown of five Buddhas to the Buddha statue. Shakyamuni statue was damaged along with the Jokhang Temple during the Cultural Revolution, and both were later restored.
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