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A third maze, this one makes Mourning's

Veiveismart Registered: 6/26/2021 7:49:26 AM
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Posted Jun 26 2021 7:58AM 

A third maze, this one makes Mourning's End Part II look simple. I won't detail it. In the end is the workplace of the mind general. Take a papyrus, pencil, ink bottle from his or her desk. Search his cabinet for the plans. Copy them down and replace the programs quickly. Teleport to Llyeta and provide the programs to Ariannwyn.

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Ok, now you must prevent Lord Iorworth and King Lathas at the exact same time. Ariannwyn is going to have every single one of the men involved, including you. The first part of Iorworth's program would be to get the mourners burn down the forest of Isafdar so they can discover the rebel elf base. The enchantments about Llyeta make that impossible, but if the forest is burnt, countless elves living within it, and of course that the Tyras troops, will die.
StanleyBrett Registered: 10/24/2021 6:38:31 PM
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Posted Oct 24 2021 6:38PM 
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