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I wanna say it had been some bracers?

Veiveismart Registered: 6/26/2021 7:49:26 AM
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Posted Jun 26 2021 8:02AM 

Classic was broken too though. Druids were pretty shitty for a while, especially if you wanted to go freal. Healing was good, but not as good as a priest or shaman. They have always had broken classes they do not fix. They did the same thing when they eventually fixed feral druidsthey behaved like they gave us something amazing. I was a feral druid to get a year before anyone would take me on raids, it might have been more, I can't recall today. Lol.

I wanna say it had been some bracers? I ran Nighthold over and above. For months. A couple other people in my guild got the drop, but never me. I ended up quitting for a while and came back in the end of BFA.

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