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Alcohol and Fire Safety

See how drinking can impact your ability to prevent, and escape, a fire.

Ben Woodruff Story

The emotional story of the Phi Gamma Delta fire at the University of North Carolina that killed Ben and four other students and served as a wake-up call for campus fire safety.

Cody Pilkington Story

Hear Cody's family and city firefighters recount the lethal fire at North Carolina State University that killed Cody and one other student.

Create an Escape Plan

Tips for making your own plan to safely escape a fire.

FAQ: Burns

Fast facts about burn safety and prevention.

FAQ: Candle Safety

Stay safe when using candles.

FAQ: Cooking Safety

Tips for cooking your food, not your kitchen.

FAQ: Electrical Safety

Tips for preventing electrical fires.

FAQ: Fire

Basic facts about fire.

FAQ: Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. Learn how to use one properly.

FAQ: Smoking Safety

Safe handling of smoking materials.

FAQ: Sprinklers

Learn how sprinklers save lives.

Fire Safety Questions for Everyone to Ask

Questions for every student and parent to ask about fire safety in on-campus and off-campus housing.

Getting Out Safely

Important steps for escaping a fire.

High School Implementation Guide

Tips for teachers and guidance counselors to use with high school students.

igot2kno Web Ads

Ready-to-go ads (in three sizes) to promote igot2kno on the web.

Marketing Implementation Guide

Tips and tools for spreading the word about igot2kno on your campus.

Mock Dorm Room Burn

Watch a fire consume a dorm room in real time and see how sprinklers give you time to escape.

Nighttime Safety Check

A basic fire safety check list.

Purdue University Waldron St. Fire Story

The story of four roommates who got lucky and lost only their home in this apartment complex fire.

Simple Steps

Small things everyone can do to stay fire-safe.

Smoke Alarms

Why smoke alarms matter and how to keep yours working properly.

Sprinkler Demonstration

See how quickly sprinklers extinguish a fire and why they can be the difference between life and death.

The Recovery Process

A stark look at the reality of recovering from severe burn injuries.

Tips for Dorm and Off-campus Living

A few pointers to remember to live fire-safe.

University of North Carolina, Wilmington Fire Story

Firefighters vividly recall an apartment complex fire that killed a recent graduate.

What To Look For

Tips for being fire-safe and fire-aware anyplace you go.